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Sale of Plots in Montenegro

Interested in buying land for construction in Montenegro? We will assist you in acquisition, document processing, and construction. Dozens of urbanized plots for construction, partnership with builders – an opportunity to organize your relocation and comfortable living on the Adriatic Sea coast.
Land prices: from 50 EUR per m²

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Building Permit in Montenegro

Obtaining a building permit in Montenegro follows a specific sequence of steps:

1. Proof of land ownership ("Certificate of Ownership")

To initiate the process, it is necessary to obtain a "Certificate of Ownership" issued by the cadaster at the city or municipal administration. This document confirms your ownership rights to the land where you plan to build.

2. Obtaining Urban-Technical Conditions (UTC)

The administration issues UTC, outlining the necessary parameters for project development, such as maximum area, number of floors, object name, and other details. The application for UTC is submitted to the administration with clear goals (new construction, extension, etc.) and the cadastral parcel number.

3. Development of Conceptual Design based on UTC

A licensed design bureau develops a Conceptual Design, taking into account your requirements and UTC.

4. Obtaining Approval from the Chief City Architect

The application for approval is submitted to the administration based on the developed Conceptual Design. The process of obtaining approval is usually straightforward and takes 15 to 30 days.

5. Development of the Main Project

A licensed design bureau develops the Main Project, including architectural, construction, electrical, and plumbing plans, and other details.

6. Revision of the Main Project

The revision of the Main Project is carried out in a licensed bureau in Montenegro. The reviewer collects the necessary documentation and approvals for the next step.

7. Payment for Land Utility Equipment

The amount of the fee for land utility equipment varies in different regions of Montenegro and depends on the zone. You can inquire about the cost at the city's self-government or from your designer.

8. Submission of the Application for Construction Commencement

With this contract and prepared documentation, the application for construction commencement is submitted to the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. The application is submitted after collecting all necessary documents.

9. Construction of the Object

After obtaining the permit and signing a construction contract with the construction company, you can start building the object. If necessary, you can consult with your designer regarding other details needed during construction.

Purchase of Land with Real Estate

Acquiring real estate during the construction phase involves the following steps:

  • Negotiations with the builder to reach an agreement on a price that suits both parties.
  • To reserve the chosen real estate, it is usually necessary to pay a deposit, often around 5000 euros. After the deposit is paid, both parties sign a real estate reservation agreement.
  • Legal support from a licensed lawyer in Montenegro, acting on your behalf.
  • Preliminary contract and technical conditions. The builder and your appointed lawyer develop a preliminary contract and a list of technical conditions. After receiving your approval, the lawyer signs the documents on your behalf. Then comes the deadline for paying the first of the listed payments.

Payment of Payments for Under-Construction Real Estate

Usually, payments for real estate under construction are made as follows:

  • 30% upon signing the preliminary contract (with the deduction of the deposit amount).
  • 30% after completing the construction of the foundation.
  • 30% after completing the construction of the roof.
  • 10% upon handing over the keys and preparing a defect record, documenting deficiencies.

Different procedures depending on the builder: Different builders may have different procedures and conditions. We always provide information about a specific builder to our clients so they are informed about all details.

Prices of Plots in Montenegro

Prices of land in Montenegro primarily depend on their location. The highest land prices can be found on the coast, especially on the Budva Riviera, where the minimum price per square meter is at least 30,000 euros. In the Bay of Kotor, land prices are generally lower, and we can find you a plot from 50 euros per square meter.

The cost of land in Montenegro is not only determined by location. Factors such as the possibility of obtaining a building permit, road accessibility, and connection to the power supply also significantly influence the plot's price.