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Montenegro Web Design

Creation of professional websites in Montenegro. Development of stunning web pages with a guarantee of success of our clients in the Balkans.

* Price 240 EUR
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  • Performance

    Dear friends, since 2008 the company FABER VISUM Brand Building has been developing websites in 7 countries around the world with the priority goal - profitable quality of Web Design. The philosophy of the company is simple - perfectionism.

    Representative offices in Russia, Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and now Montenegro guarantee professional creation of web pages and other visual solutions.

    Official website Portfolio
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  • Web development options.

    When creating web pagesstrong>, our company guarantees website customer the following technical parameters:

    • Pure source code - W3C standard
    • Creating a website with SEO in mind
    • Modern web designstrong> and user-friendly interface
    • Content management system
    • The ability to extend the functions of the website
    • Web Hosting on the best European Data Center
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  • Price of web page development.

    Flexible pricing policy of FABER VISUM for creating web pages now in Montenegro! Check out the main website development projects in Montenegro and other countries that we can refine both in terms of price and technology:

    • Ready-made websitestrong> with CMS, demo content - annual hosting fee - 80 EUR
    • GOOGLE-TOP - creating a website with SEO promotion from 480 EUR
    • FABER WEB - creating a website with branding from 4800 EUR

    Based on many years of experience in the field of web design, equipping our branches with the most modern technology, our employees are able to complete the tasks many times faster than beginners. Programming speed and experience factor determines the hourly pay for web development and creation - 40 EUR per hour. * Setting for ourselves the working day in Montenegro as 6 hours, we offer to rent our services with a minimum load of 1 day.

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    Web Design Projects
  • What do you need to create a website?

    The website is an information window. The first step in creating a website is to make it a project. From the website customer we need:

    • Web site menu structure (for example: home, about the company, services, blog, e-shop, contact)
    • Contents of pages related to the menu structure (photos, article texts, contact details)
    • Descriptions of each page of the site (120-159 characters) for SEO.

    For more information about what professional web design is, you can see the article 8 steps of professional website creation on the official website of FABER VISUM.

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  • Options when creating a website.

    • You explain the point - we do the rest.
    • You clearly formulate the task - we fulfill it.
    • We plan - you pay for our time.

    Payment for a work

    • Bank transfer.
    • PayPal.
    • Cash.

    In FABER VISUM, it is customary to deal with serious partners and, of course, prepayment. We value our and your time.

  • Contact us in Montenegro.

    • Phone (GSM) in Montenegro: +382 69 805990
    • Whatsapp | Telegram | FaceTime: +420 776339348
    • e-mail:

    We speak English, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Polish and understand the Balkan language group. The possibility of a personal meeting in the waters of the Bay of Kotor (ideally in the city of Tivat).