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Creating a Real Estate promotional video clip in 48 hours. 800 options of an adv video production. Fast, high-quality, not expensive video spot.

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  • Promotional video in 48 hours

    Dear friends, since 2012 the company FABER VISUM Brand Building creates advertising video products in 7 countries with a priority goal - profitable quality. The philosophy of the "video in 48 hours" project is simple - balance of price, quality and speed of creating an advertising video clip.

    The company's representative offices in Russia, Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and now in Montenegro guarantee the high-quality advertising video clips creation for real estate agencies and other business areas in 48 hours .

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  • Video clip implementation.

    When creating a property video clip with FABER VISUM, you will avoid the following costs:

    • costs for expensive equipment
    • costs for a professional operator
    • director and editing costs
    • costs for expensive post production
    • time and financial costs
    • meetings with the video studio
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  • Price for creating a video clip.

    Project "video in 48 hours" is now in Montenegro! The project creating a promotional video from a template in After Effects is popular in all regions served by FABER VISUM affiliates. Being supporters of simple, high-quality and not expensive solutions, we do not get tired of repeating - do not overpay! Hundreds of thousands of promotional video templates have already been created! The question is only about their modification. Post production prices:

    • Standard 1:1 video template modification - 240 EUR
    • Shooting - 50 EUR per hour (Montenegro only)
    • Additional installation work, spec. effects - 40 EUR per hour
    • Cooperation of 10 days or more, a series of video clips - 36 EUR per hour

    Based on many years of experience in the Adobe environment (After Effects, Premiere and other video processing programs), equipping our branches with the most modern technology, our employees are able to complete tasks many times faster than beginners.

    Editing, rendering and experience speed factor determines hourly pay in video production - 40 EUR per hour. * Setting for ourselves the working day in Montenegro as 6 hours, we offer to rent our services with a minimum load of 1 day.

  • What do you need to create a promotional video?

    Promotional video products are now available to everyone. The first step in creating a promotional video is to select a project. Video clip ordering process:

    • Follow the link to premade video template site
    • Search for the theme you are looking for (e.g. Real Estate)
    • Select the template you like and send us the link

    After paying for the order, send us your photo and video materials, texts with which you want to replace the demo materials in the video template. Also indicate which of your materials should be placed in which time slots. For example:

    • file realestate-01.jpg - 0:03
    • living-room-01.mp4 - 0:06 with text "45 m² spacious room
    • - 1:26
    • tel. +7 111-222-333,, e-mail:*** - 1:30
  • Options for creating a video clip.

    • You explain the point - we do the rest.
    • You clearly formulate the task - we fulfill it.
    • We plan - you pay for our time.

    Payment for a video clip

    • Bank transfer.
    • PayPal.
    • Cash.

    In FABER VISUM, it is customary to deal with serious partners and, of course, prepayment. We value our and your time.

  • Contact us in Montenegro.

    • Phone (GSM) in Montenegro: +382 69 805990
    • Whatsapp | Telegram | FaceTime: +420 776339348
    • e-mail:

    We speak English, Russian, Czech, Romanian, Polish and understand the Balkan language group. The possibility of a personal meeting in the waters of the Bay of Kotor (ideally in the city of Tivat).