Relocation to another country comes in two forms - stressful and comfortable. It is worth adding that stress can turn into comfort, professional development, and improved quality of life, or vice versa: the illusion of comfort may dissipate like smoke and turn into stress.

Main advice for a relocant

If possible, before you decide to move to another country, go there and live for a year. Only this way can you understand if this place under the sun is yours. The earth and its people have just colossal differences that cannot be understood if you visit as a tourist on a month-long vacation.

  • Living Budget.

    It’s better to take care of living arrangements after relocation well in advance. Rentarna publishes real estate in various countries for this very reason. Having a large number of friends, connections, and contacts in various parts of the world, we can organize temporary accommodation, rental, or real estate purchase based on your budget preferences.

    If you need help with finding real estate, please fill out the "relocation" form. Based on the submitted data, we will inform you about relocation and accommodation options in your selected region of the world.

    Real Estate Relocation.

    It's often the case that relocation involves selling existing real estate, for example, to purchase new real estate at the destination. You can list your property for sale with us, in the real estate section, by directly interacting through the "sell" form or the "rent" form if you plan to rent out your real estate.

    The auction in the website's main menu is also a way to assess real estate prices through bids starting from a minimum price, with the option for a reserve price. Register and list your real estate at auction.

  • Working in Another Country.

    Universal skills are a great asset for a relocator. A bag of money when relocating is good, but even better with a wealth of professional skills.

    If you need help with finding a job, please fill out the "relocation" form. Based on the submitted data, we will inform you about employment or business start-up opportunities in your selected region of the world.

    Starting a Business.

    Starting your own business after relocating to another country might offer an advantage for legalization. However, business operating costs, taxes, and competitive environments are generally factors not in your favor. This is a separate topic.

    You can submit a proposal for your business by filling out the "services" form on our portal, giving advance notice of yourself in the relocation region and the online space.

  • Stressful Relocation

    Sometimes a situation arises where relocation is stressful, when there's no time to think and the move is forced. Remember one truth: the most significant material value is life. If you and your family are in a life-threatening situation, relocation is one of the ways to protect yourself. Assess the level of danger, risk to life, and the appropriateness of forced relocation.

    Quick Relocation

    Identify on the map the most legally compliant country bordering yours. It should be the first choice and a member of the countries that signed the Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and Stateless Persons, convened pursuant to General Assembly Resolution 429 (V) of December 14, 1950. The Convention came into force on April 22, 1954. You can apply for refugee status at the border crossing.

  • Comfortable Relocation

    Comfortable relocation is a thoughtful decision that can be driven by various reasons or dreams. First, you need to create the right paradigm: it's not about what you're leaving behind but what you're moving toward or seeking. Leave the past behind; it won't help you at all. Focus your mind, intuition, and skills on the future. One way or another, you'll need to change your mindset.

    Relocation Assistance

    How can we help you with relocation? We primarily focus on comfortable relocation and can guarantee setting up your move to the following countries:

    • Montenegro
    • Czechia
    • Poland
  • People choose to move to another country for various reasons, including professional opportunities, personal development, education, climate preferences, or family circumstances. Define your motivation to understand what you expect from the move.

    Preparing for the Move

    • Research the destination country
    • Document processing
    • Finding accommodation
    • Moving your belongings
    • Considering financial aspects

    Opportunities in Relocation

    • Professional development
    • Cultural exchange
    • Improved quality of life
    • Educational opportunities

    Practical Tips for Relocators

    • Learn the language
    • Build a network
    • Be prepared for cultural differences
    • Be flexible and patient

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