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Rent and sale

What can you rent or rent out on Rent Without Borders? From real estate to yachts, cars and of course services. Profitably rent, book and sell on an exclusive online platform .

Rent and sale


How to become a realtor or sell services? Launch your own startup!

Rent and sale

Rent on the map

Placement of the object of rent on the map - rent with geolocation.


Rent out

Real estate Service
  • real estate rentreal estate rent out

    An event in a villa with a pool, vacation, work or living in another country? Temporary residence involves the rental of real estate. How to rent or rent out a property?

    Renting a property anywhere in the world for a day, a week, a month or a year with placement on the world map and promotion on the rentarna.com portal is a guarantee of the quality of information for the landlord and tenant.

  • rent vehiclesrent out vehicles

    Transport erases boundaries, saves time on movement and adds adrenaline with its speed. Do you want to rent a car at the point of arrival, a yacht for a sea trip, an electric scooter, a motorcycle or a bicycle?

    Rent and rent out vehicles for a period of one day. Secure vehicle rental with geolocation on rentarna.com guarantees the accuracy of the information and the location of the vehicle rental.

  • rent servicesprovide services

    How can a specialist in the service sector make an offer and earn on their own experience and talent? How to find and rent a service in your region or online?

    Rent services and provide your service for rent. Promote an offer in the service sector of your company and earn with rentarna.com with a guarantee of the accuracy of information and indication of geolocation.

  • Rent in Space

    Rent in Space

    In addition to renting, we've added a For Sale filter and the ability to book an appointment with a property seller or realtor.

    On rentarna.com you can list your property for sale with the guarantee of quality descriptions in several languages and promotion in several regions of the world.